About us

Here at Fitness Mixes we offer a unique package in addition to great customer service. Our concept is aimed at both the individual athlete as well as professional fitness businesses, who rely on music to maintain focus and energy throughout a workout or class.

Fitness Mixes put all your favourite songs chosen from our ever-growing library into one mix adding personalised work/rest timings suited to your training goals. Your mix can be further tailored by choosing either a male or female voice over and with all your songs in one mix there is no need to skip through tracks to find your favourites. Like your songs faster? Just fill out a request form and we will be happy to speed up or slow down your tracks as preferred.

Chris Hillary, the creator of Fitness Mixes, knows first-hand the benefits of using music when exercising on both a personal and group level as well as a 1-to-1 basis. Chris believes that the right music can increase your enjoyment of a workout, keep you energised and best of all it’s the best legal performance-enhancing drug out there.
Being a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Circuit Training Instructor, Chris was inspired to establish Fitness Mixes in order to fill a gap in the market. With interval training considered to be one of the best fat burning exercises out there, Fitness Mixes fully personalises a single mp3 mix track to provide an individual with dedicated work and rest times suited to your personal training goals.

This also translates to a professional platform where you can format your classes in whichever way you want them prior to their start, allowing more time to focus on your clients and less time concentrating on your stopwatch.
This gives you the flexibility to plan classes how you want them, maintain motivation and you can even personalise your intro to fit in with your brand. There is only one fee per mix (with the duration of each mix again being personalised as desired) so no need to buy individual songs, and with the additional benefit of all music being PPL free, further expense of a PPL licence is also avoided.

Fitness Mixes – you choose it, we mix it, you love it.

Fitness Professional

• No need for a stop watch.
• More time focusing on your clients.
• Improve clients performance and technique.
• Class format in a way you want it.
• Keeps classes motivated.
• Personalise your intro to fit in with your brand.
• Music mixes designed around your exercise class plan.
• Any work and rest timings you like. You say we do.
• One fee per mix no need to buy individual songs.
• Increase class size and revenue.
• PPL free.

Individual fitness enthusiast

• Ready-made mix for your workout.
• Mixes that increase your enjoyment towards exercise.
• Keep you focused.
• Rest and work times suited to your training goals.
• These can be used for interval training which we believe
   is one of best fat burning exercise out there.
• Music that you want to listen to.