What am I doing?

I have set myself a task of starting an online business with just £50 in just 5 days, with the help of you, the public.

Why am I doing this?

I currently run two successful businesses. One which had a low start-up cost Fitness Frenzi and the other costing £17,000, theFFVault.com. I would like to see if it is possible to set up a business with just £50 from people believing in my concept / experiment and these people willing to donate their time and expertise for a small amount of money. People have a perception that starting a new business costs a huge outlay. I want to prove with the power of social media, belief and networking anything is possible.

What am I aiming to achieve?

I am aiming to prove that you can start a business with a minimal amount. I am looking for someone to design a suitable business logo and set up a website for this new business. I have a great business idea which I believe can be successful. Another aim is to create a following of people who are interested in the idea/concept, and to keep them captivated throughout the initial 5 days, and for it to go viral.

Who does this appeal to?

I believe this appeals to people who are willing to take on a unique concept, and believe in it. This may appeal to people who are newly qualified in their field of work and who are looking to build up their portfolio of clients.

Is it possible to create a business with just £50 and in only 5 days?

What’s in it for the people who provide their time / expertise?

Well if you’ve read this far, you are aware of what I am trying to achieve. For anyone who is willing to contribute their time / expertise I would be looking to pay them an amount that the budget will allow. There will also be a contributor’s page which you will feature on. Your businesss will be shared on social media for the first 5 days and continuing after the business has been revealed. Any marketing material produced for the new business will include your business logo and details.

Possible barriers

I believe my main barrier will be people understanding the concept of what I am trying to achieve. Another barrier I will face will be trying to find people willing to donate their time, expertise and knowledge needed to set up this new business for a small amount of money. And the final barrier I may face is people believing I am undervaluing their service, expertise and knowledge. This is not the case as I totally respect that the services I need to set up this new business, can take people year’s to achieve and perfect.

How can I follow your progress

I will be posting several times a day on Facebook but I will be doing more regular updates on twitter every day on the lead up to launch. So please give me a like and a follow. Making connections is the key to this so please help me spread the word.